Hgh Remedy From Herbs

Herbs are known to give some really surprisingly good effects and this HGH remedy is known not only to remove pain but also improve the body’s digestive system. It has proved its effectiveness by helping relax tensed muscles giving relief to headaches etc. Most of the HGH remedies are made from herbs.

Use of herbs has been seen since ages but then today it has been proved that these herbs not only give relief but they have proved that there are no side effects as compared to other chemically prepared medications. But then you need to follow certain rules when it comes to the use of herbs.

Herbal use the safe way

You should always use the recommended dosage when using the herb extracts, in case of any reaction the discontinuation of the herb should be immediate; seek your doctor’s help in case the condition is persisting. Until and unless recommended by the doctor herbs should not be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers finally you need to seek your doctor’s guidance before using any herbal medication or herbal supplement especially if you are using the conventional medication for some long term ailment.

Herbal HGH Remedy

Borage Oil: This herbal remedy is often recommended to people suffering from arthritis, high cholesterol level, women suffering from PMS and atherosclerosis. It should be taken four times a day and the dosage should not exceed 1000mg.

Cranberry Extracts: The most effective herbal remedy for people suffering from urinary tract infection and it has the properties of preventing the development of kidney stones. One capsule twice a day is the recommended dose.

Bilberry: Effective for allergies, problems due to varicose veins, cataracts and helpful for people suffering from diabetic retinopathy. You need to take 80 to 160 mgs two or three times a day.

Bromelain: Often recommended to sports persons as they are prone to sports injuries, respiratory infections and inflammation. This medication is supposed to be taken on empty stomach three times a day.

Ginseng Siberian: The most sought out herbal remedy this is known to increase the overall body performance reducing stress, fatigue and helps improve. An overdose of this medication has shown to cause anxiety, depression and irritability. Daily dose should not exceed 200 mg and can be taken three times.

Saw Palmetto: This herbal remedy has shown its usefulness in decreasing the functions of the testes and people suffering from benign prostate enlargement.

Dong Quai: The most effective herbal remedy recommended for females who are suffering from menopause, PMS and menstrual cramps. They are advised to take a daily dosage of 500 to 1000mg thrice daily.

These are some of the most commonly recommended herbal remedies that are helpful in overcoming HGH deficiency. If you are advised to take HGH energizers then in case they contain any of the above mentioned ingredients then the use of such supplements are safe and without side effects but even then you should always seek your doctor’s guidance before using any herbal remedy.

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